PARAPETTM is the trade name for the acrylic molding materials(PMMA),manufactured by KURARAY Co.,Ltd.
Safety and sanitary properties
(1)UL standard
"PARAPETTM" is certified to be in accordance to the standard(94HB, 746Cf1)of UL(Under writers Laboratories,Inc.,U.S.A).

UL standard
File No.E54562
94HB G, GF, GF-S, HR, HR-F, HR-G, EH, GR, GH, GH-K
746Cf1 HR, GH

(2)SAE standard(AMECA)
In order to use "PARAPETTM" as lens for vehicles, etc., "PARAPETTM" is certified to be in accodance to the SAE(Society of Automotive Engineers)standard.

SAE standard "PARAPETTM" Grades
  HR, HR-F, HR-G, HR-S, GR

Handling and restriction of use
  1. The vapors from heated "PARAPETTM" may cause irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract. Use the material under adequate ventilation.
  2. "PARAPETTM" is a combustible thermoplastic. Keep the material away from heat and ignition sources.
  3. Static charges can accumulate. Employ bonding or grounding in operations capable of generating static electricity.
  4. Do not use "PARAPETTM" for medical purposes or implants that contact the internal tissues of human body.
    Do not use the prodcuts that may touch the baby' mouth or baby may swallow.
  5. Please contact our sales personnel when using "PARAPETTM" in medical purposes, cosmetics, toys, safety equipment, food containers and packaging, etc.
  6. Be sure to read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before using "PARAPETTM".
HS code
HS code "PARAPETTM" Grades
3906.10 GH, GH-K, HR, HR-S, HR-L, SS
3906.90 G, GF, GF-S, SA, GR, GR-F, EH