PARAPETTM is the trade name for the acrylic molding materials(PMMA),manufactured by KURARAY Co.,Ltd.
"PARAPETTM" is the trade name for the acrylic molding materials(PMMA),
manufactured by KURARAY Co.,Ltd.
Characteristics of "PARAPETTM"
  1. Superior transparency with bright luster
  2. Most excellent weatherability and surface hardness among molding materials
  3. Freely colored resulting in attractive colors
  4. Recyclable because of easy conversion into monomer by pyrolysis
With those excellent characteristics,"PARAPETTM" has been widely applied to a variety of products used in your daily life.
  • Industrial parts - Automobiles,electric home appliances,etc.
  • Daily sundries - Desk goods,clocks,stationery,cosmetics cases,etc.
  • Housing related goods - Sashes,bath tubs,kitchen goods, etc.
  • Optical goods -Light guide plate for LCD back lights..
  • Optical lenses - Cameras,sunglasses,etc.