PARAPETTM is the trade name for the acrylic molding materials(PMMA),manufactured by KURARAY Co.,Ltd.
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Chemical resistance
∆:Changed(under specified conditions)

98% Sulfuric acid × 10% Chromic acid
20% Sulfuric acid O 80% Formic acid ×
35% Hydrochloric acid O Glacial acetic acid ×
62% Nitric acid × 10% Acetic acid O
20% Nitric acid O 10% Latic acid O
10% Phosphoric acid O Saturated citric acid O

28% Liquid ammonium O 2% Soapsuds O
Saturated sodium hydroxide O    

Inorganic salts(aqueous solution)
Saturated sodium chloride O Photographic developer O
Saturated potassium chloride O 30% Hydrogen peroxide O
10% Potassium chromate O    

100% Methyl alcohol 100% Isopropyl alcohol
10% Methyl alcohol O 10% Isopropyl alcohol O
98% Ethyl alcohol Butyl alcohol O
50% Ethyl alcohol O Phenylcarbinol ×

Petroleum oil
Petroleum benzine O Light oil O
Gasoline Heavy oil
Solvent naphtha O Diesel oil O
Kerosene O Turpentine O
Lubricating oil O    

Aromatic series, Hydrocarbon, other
Benzene × Cyclohexane ×
m-Cresol × n-Hexane O
Toluene × Normal heptane O
Phenol ×    

Methylethyl ketone × Acetone ×

Ether, Ester
Cellosolve × Butyl acetate ×
Diethyl ether Dibutyl phthalate O
Ethyl acetate ×    

Halogenated hydrocarbon, other
Chloroform × Tetrahydrofuran ×
Methylene dichloride × Diethylene glycol O
Carbon tetrachloride Glycerine O
Carbon disulfide × Diethylamine O
Nitrobenzene ×    

Ammonia gas O City gas O
Chlorine gas Ozone O

Seasoning, spice, and beverage
Cider O Wine O
Beer O Vegetable oil O
Fruit juice O Animal oil O
Liqueur × Alcohol(<20%) O

Package, etc.
Insulating tape O Plaster O
Packing tape O Cement O

Gun cotton lacquer × Oil paint O

Sensitizer O Bleaching solution
Seawater O    
[KURARAY in-house data]